Benefit Foods (+Giveaway)

Bars that are created with whole food ingredients are worth having it in your pantry for an emergency. Whenever I am going to a party, event, wedding, restaurants that I know do not carry foods I can eat, I bring a bar with me in my bag. I’m really used to always keeping a snack in my bag… Another reason why I love reviewing portable snacks and bars.

The first time I fell in love with bars was when I realized how convenient they were to carry in my bag… Fresh fruits tend to get squashed easily and I am not a fan of bruised bananas or apples or worse, when they get squashed to the bottom of my bag, making everything smelly and wet.

It is always an excitement when I discover a new brand of bars. Today’s spotlight goes to Benefit Foods.

IMG_5981 copy.jpg

This flavor was my favorite: Almond/Fig/Carob.

It is a mixture of sweet and savory and the addition of brown rice cereal gives a nice crunchy texture. And the figs! Oh my, figs. They added an awesome chewy texture. All around, this bar had it all: variety of texture, sweetness, saltiness. None of those overpowered the other characteristic. It balanced each other very well.

There are 6 more flavors: almond/cherry, almond/blueberry, almond/chip, sunflower/cashew, sunflower/ginger, and finally sunflower/cranberry. If you would like more details on these flavors, please visit this page.

Fruity bars were a bit too sweet for my taste. But, I think they could work nicely as a dessert. I got the sample box full of mini sizes. I really thought the mini sizes were so perfect as a dessert. Of course my problem was that I ended up eating a lot of them in one sitting (my excuse was that I had to taste them at the same time for a comparing purpose, haha).

Just like their name, Benefit Foods try to benefit the environment by using 100 recyclable and biodegradable packaging. They also participates in UPS’s carbon neutral shipping program. They purchase their ingredients and shipping boxes locally. Eco-friendly bars:)



1. Let me know which flavor you would like to try first:

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Giveaway ends on 7/27/2013


Have a wonderful day, everyone!
I have a post on life updates that will be coming soon!:)

6 responses to “Benefit Foods (+Giveaway)

  1. Rachel

    I really need to get in the habit of putting bars in my work bag. All too often, I get hungry and don’t have time to get anything. I think the sunflower/ginger one sounds fantastic. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  2. Amber G.

    I would love to try. the Almond/Cherry first!

  3. Cindy A.

    Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway! I would try sunflower/cranberry first.

  4. manda

    Almond fig sounds good!

  5. manda

    I entered the coconut water giveaway

  6. Rachel T

    I think the ginger sunflower one sounds great!

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