Honu Yoga (+Giveaway)

I am addicted to yoga clothes. They are comfortable to wear not just for workouts but for everyday wear as well. Obviously it is a plus when they are cute and unique too. That is why I love Honu Yoga clothes. 

They were so kind to send me a tank top for a review. But it doesn’t end there because there is a giveaway also. It will be at the end of this post. 

T Shirt

It was really hard for to pick only one out of so many cute, awesome shirts. I was debating between few designs but at the end chose this shirt, Defy Gravity. I love that the words are upside down so that you can read it nicely when yogi is upside down in poses like handstand and headstand. 

The fabric of the shirt is very soft and light on the skin (meaning it doesn’t feel heavy). I love the color of this tank top, which is sunny yellow. 

Here is a picture of me wearing the shirt: 


(Sorry that the words are backwards!)

The shirt is not too tight and it is not big either that it flips over my head when I am practicing yoga. I am not a big fan (I don’t think anyone is) when the shirt doesn’t stay on and starts flipping over…. The best part about Honu Yoga is that they donate part of their sale portions to a charity called Kurmalliance, which helps to save endangered sea turtles.

Please visit Honu Yoga’s website for more awesome and cute workout shirts! You definitely won’t be disappointed with its unique style:)


Giveaway: One winner will get to pick out a shirt from Honu Yoga

1. Let me know which design is your favorite.

2. Sign up for my emailing list.

3. Follow me on Facebook!

This giveaway ends on June 18th, 2013. Thanks! 

16 responses to “Honu Yoga (+Giveaway)

  1. kappel6391

    I LOVe the Love Female shirt!! too cute:)

  2. kappel6391

    I am already signed up by email:)

  3. kappel6391

    and I follow on facebook:)
    thanks again!

  4. The defy gravity for sure! Thank you!😉

  5. Like an apple a day via facebook Heather Paulding

  6. Subscribed! Via hef117 (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Laurel C

    I’m a runner, so I LOVE the “Running is My Drug” one!

  8. Laurel C

    I ge your emails!

  9. Laurel C

    And I follow you on facebook!

  10. Emmy

    I like the purple: “I love yoga” shirt and the “Warrior 1 (female)” I love ALL your stuff!

  11. jun

    I really love the tanktop designs on the website.

  12. jun

    I am subscribed to your email list.

  13. Lynn

    I love the Yoga does a Bandha Good

  14. Lynn

    I subscribe via email

  15. Ali

    I love the new dont hate meditate!

  16. Ali

    Subscribed to your emails but can’t find you on facebook- great blog!

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