Julian Bakery Vegan Bread Review

I reviewed Julian Bakery before. Here. 

This time, they sent me vegan protein breads! There are so many different products. I reviewed these three: Purity, Kamut, and Manna From Heaven.


Purity Bread: This bread is gluten-free, yeast free, wheat free, sweet free and dairy free. They are made fresh upon order of the customers so they are fresh! It is a moist, gluten free bread that is also wheat free, sweet free and yeast free. Its name says it all! This is the first whole grain, complete protein bread on the market that is gluten free, wheat free, sweet free and yeast free, with 13 different sprouted beans. It is moist inside and chewy on the outside, made in a gluten free environment. This is a bread for Diabetics, Celiacs, those with Candida and Hypoglycemia, or those who just want a healthier gluten free bread, with no refined ingredients.

Purity Bread is cultured for 8 hours, giving it a slight hint of sourdough flavor, while making it easier to digest and a low stress food. You get more energy out of it than it takes to digest it. This bread is specifically designed to allow your body fast useable protein which is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the run and needs to keep a stable blood sugar level.

Purity Bread is made with the highest quality ingredients on the market today that include freshly ground raw buckwheat, millet, freshly ground flax seed for maximum nutrition and short grain brown rice from the central delta of Ethiopia, combined with white and brown Teff to provide high fiber protein and good quality carbohydrates. It also has 13 sprouted, ground beans for even more protein, lentils, garbonzo beans, onion, sea salt and guar gum.

Review: I loved the fresh sourdough taste of this bread. My husband thought it was a bit too crumbly but I really loved it crumbled on greek yogurt. It was also great by itself. I added a nice layer of hummus to make it more fancy~ It is a bit crumbly so it was harder to make it like a traditional sandwich. But it was great as an open sandwich form.

Manna from Heaven:

This bread is popular: 1. sprouted, which helps to release all the nutrients in the grains. 2. fiber content increases due to sprouting and coarse grinding. 3. Manna bread is vegan, sweet free and yeast free. It is the first bread that is out in the market that is sprouted, cultured and yeast free. 4. easier to digest due to culturing process after sprouting. 5. tastes great!

I loved this bread so much. It was full of flaxseeds and flavor that was perfect especially when toasted. I sliced them thinly then layered with hummus and veggies such as red onion and greens.

Kamut: This bread is like a sourdough. Love the basic ingredient list which are kamut, millet, amaranth, purified water and sea salt. It was similar to Purity Bread in texture but less crumbly.


There is going to be a giveaway of these wonderful Jualian Bakery Vegan breads in the near future. So please keep your eyes open~

Coming up: Julian Bakery Smart Carb Giveaway

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