Fearless Chocolate

I like dark chocolates, especially when they are raw because it means they haven’t been heated too high =]

“TRADITIONAL CHOCOLATE bars are made with heavily roasted cacao beans. Each FEARLESS Chocolate Bar is crafted with unroasted Cacao beans and other uncooked and unprocessed ingredients. We slow-grind the Cacao at temperatures well underneath 118F and introduce our unique mixtures of ingredients at even lower temperatures in order to preserve the natural nutrients, enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids, and oils present in these natural whole foods.”

Fearless chocolates are Dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and using only mineral-rich unrefined whole sugars, FEARLESS is a delicious good-for-you gourmet organic chocolate.

Fearless currently has five awesome flavors:

Midnight: this one is darkest with 75% cacao. I love the bitterness. Small square is enough to cure my dark choc cravings =D

Sweet&Hot. The name says it all. I adore anything spicy so this one was a hit. I tried spicy chocolate awhile back and had high hopes for this one. It did not disappoint at all. Loved the spicy touch to the bitter dark chocolate.

Green tea & Mint! Two of my favorites in one combination within dark chocolate, yum! I liked this one but could have used more minty flavor. I was looking for that “fresh mintiness” after indulging on a piece. It wasn’t as much present as I hoped. However, I was still able to get that minty plus dark chocolate combination. love the concept of green tea and mint together. yes!

Superseeds? chocolate + seeds? omg, yes please! seeds give that nice crunchy texture to the smoothness of chocolate. It went so well. I like different textures when I eat so loved the crunch factor.

Another plus to their chocolates is that they use Rapadura: “RAPADURA IS an organic, minerally intact, whole-cane sugar from Brazil. Beyond fresh whole sugar cane, Rapadura is the closest thing to a “raw”, unrefined sugar on the planet. Featuring approximately 50% of the sucrose (the actual sugar) of conventional white sugars and “evaporated cane juice,” Rapadura organic sugar is the perfect unbleached, unrefined sweetener to use in place of refined sugars in FEARLESS chocolate. With its minerals and carbohydrates in-tact, we believe Rapadura offers superior nutritional value above all other dry sugars that we have encountered.”


Although I am not a huge fan of coconuts, this one was tolerable. Coconuts were not overwhelming that it ruined the dark chocolate. It was nicely presented so that it enhanced the dark chocolate at the side.


Lastly, I love love love the packaging of Fearless Chocolates. It is recyclable paper and the design of the chocolate is just so adorable. When you open it, it is shaped as if someone bit off a corner. I thought it was really cute!😀

Design and presentation play an important role in capturing the consumer’s heart, and Fearless did a great job with it!


Thanks, Trevor!


3 responses to “Fearless Chocolate

  1. Wow green tea and mint chocolate? Sounds interesting. I’m sure I’d love the spicy one too!

  2. I had no idea there was something like “raw” (non-roasted) chocolate! Awesome!😀

  3. christina

    i’ve only tried the superseed one. REALLY GREAT!

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