One Lucky Duck

One Lucky Duck‘s raw snacks are so delicious and made with organic nutritious ingredients.

I loved every little bite I got to taste of their products.
I got to try:

Striped Cinnamon Squares

This was like a classic sugar cookie (like those hard ginger snap cookies!). The ingredients are raw and organic almond flour, organic maple powder, organic maple syrup, raw and organic coconut oil, organic vanilla extract, Himalayan salt, organic cinnamon, organic nutmeg.

I don’t know how they make the stripes with just almonds as the base! They are incredible. I usually like soft cookies but wow, these changed my mind. These aren’t too hard but crunchy. I think these would go so well dipped in almond milk! I enjoyed them with a cup of kombucha =] Perfect afternoon treat! Also, the coconut oil gave the nice texture and gave a boost to the flavor. LOVE the cinnamon flavor too, favorite<3

These are the raw version of cereals. The base is raw sprouted buckwheat, one of my favorite grains(actually it is fruit seed) out there. Buckwheat is technically not wheat so it is not full of gluten. Therefore, it is full of digestible protein~ The crispies can be eaten straight from the bag like chips or as breakfast cereal splashed with nut or hemp milk! Also, can be broken to pieces and sprinkled on top of ice cream or yogurt =]

I enjoyed them straight from the bag. The buckwheat pieces gave a nice crunch texture. The chocolate version was not too sweet with a nice balance of vanilla scent. I really enjoy the maple flavor too =D
The vanilla version is added to the crispies line recently. This one is unlike the other two because it uses agave instead of maple. I really love this one too. Just a hint of sweetness to the full aroma and flavor of vanilla. YUM!

Carob Powder!!!

I’ve been looking everywhere to find this:)

Carob is high in calcium amongst other minerals, it is 8% protein and contains vitamins A, B, B2, B3 and D. It is used by many as an alternative to cocoa as it is free from caffeine and theobromine which are the stimulants in cacao. It is also naturally sweet so requires less additional sugar to sweeten it.

The carob tree is a member of the legume family and it grows in Mediterranean areas. Developing carob pods have the appearance of green broad beans but they turn a dark glossy brown with maturity. The seeds inside the pod are what is ground into the powder, though the pods themselves are also edible.

Carob is a great alternative for cacao. There’s nothing wrong with cacao, since it is superfood too. But I heard great things about carob so I really wanted to experiment with this too. I used this in milkshake (carob, raw brown rice protein, berries, raw almond milk, ice, spinach) It was marvelous. I did not need any additional sweetener at all. delicious!

Raw buckwheat groats

This wholesome fruit seed (commonly thought of as a cereal grain) is a great way to replace grains, especially for people sensitive to wheat gluten. Buckwheat is both wholesome and rich in nutrients.

Consuming buckwheat has been linked to lowering levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. It is high in flavanoids, phytonutrients that protect your body from disease. Buckwheat is also a good source of fiber, as well as magnesium, which relaxes blood vessels and improves blood flow. Buckwheat may also contribute to lower blood sugar levels, and has been proven to satisfy hunger better than any other grain.

These are perfect in place of cereal or grain toppings. I love buckwheat because of its crunch. I love how they can be eaten raw too. It is perfectly crunchy! And this really satisfy your hunger instantly. You don’t need much to be happily satisfied, which is good when you want to feel light and not down by food

i just sprinkled these on top of the smoothie I tried with the carob powder (mentioned above). Love the crunchiness =]

I want to thank One Lucky Duck for helping me with the review on the blog. I wish I could visit the store and PureFoodandWine someday! It is my top restaurant to visit in NY. =D

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend, everyone. What are your plans?

Giveaway: two winners will receive a package of the Cinnamon Squares! yay

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25 responses to “One Lucky Duck

  1. been wanting to try one lucky duck forever! i love pure2raw – those twins are the sweetest

  2. czechvegan

    I like czech brand bioforlife and from foreign brand – pure2raw is cool!

  3. czechvegan

    You are on my blogroll!!

  4. I have heard really great things about one lucky duck and have been wanting to try for a while. I’m new to raw foods so I don’t have a favorite company!

  5. Megan

    I love larabars!

  6. I want to try this SO badly!! I’ve heard a lot about it. I’m also new to raw foods and I’m looking for brands to try!

  7. Elise F

    yum those look great!

  8. Karen

    I haven’t ever bought raw foods so I don’t have a favorite. One Lucky Duck looks gerat though!

  9. rebecca

    Definetly one lucky duck! I’ve had these before and they’reeeee soo good:)

  10. rebecca

    I facebooked!

  11. rebecca

    I tweeted!

  12. rebecca

    You’re on my google reader!

  13. I’ve always wanted to try these! I love Kaia products, but to be honest, I haven’t tried that many different brands!

  14. Rachel

    larabar is probably my favorite but i haven’t tried a lot

  15. Rachel

    you’re on my google reader

  16. Lori

    I guess the only raw food company I have purchased from is Larabar…

  17. Lori

    You are on my google reader.

  18. kelsey

    i really like larabars!

  19. kelsey

    google reader!!!

  20. Ellen

    i don’t have a favorite raw food company (yet), but i’d love to try these! they sound divine.

  21. moonsword

    I love nut butters so I’d say Artisana. Thanks!

  22. VanessaG

    There website is awesome!! I’d like to try it all! The almond pecan walnut blend would be my 1st pick. Thanks!

  23. christina

    omg, i’ve been wanting to try these forever.

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