Blue Mountain Organics

BMO is one of my favorite raw vegan food companies out there. Their kale chips are FABULOUS! YUMMY! Except I am kind of sad that they discontinued my ultimate favorite flavor of the original kale cheezy chips. Well, they actually changed the ingredients so I do not know if they taste the same.

They recently came out with three new flavors: Chocolate, Cheezy Spicy, and Nutty Cheezy.

All I can say is WOW. I would have never thought kale and chocolate would go well together. I was wrong because these chocolate kale chips were the bomb! They are crunchy and perfectly sweet from the cacao powder. Not overly sweet but is right on the spot. They used coconut sugar to give that sweetness. Coconut sugar is a great alternative for table sugar! They also added vanilla bean and let me tell you that it has added that wonderful aroma.

Cheezy Spicy was not so spicy but had that hint of chipotle flavor. I would have liked it if it was a bit more spicy. But I eat everything spicy with cayenne, haha. So for everyone out there, this might be spicy. The Nutty Cheezy is like the regular Cheezy Kale chips except it has the addition of awesome sunflower seeds. I LOVE seeds, especially Pepitas and Sunflower seeds. They add nice nuttiness with addition of crunch.:) I think they are good addition to the kale chips. It seems to have that good balance.

Overall, BMO kale chips still wins my heart (even though they changed the ingredients to my favorite one!)

10 responses to “Blue Mountain Organics

  1. Ive heard lots of mentions on the kale chips but have never tried them. Think I might. Thanks.

  2. JW

    I’ve really wanted to make Kale chips but I’ve almost convinced myself it would be too complicated. These would be great to try first.

  3. Vanessa

    I’ve heard and seen so many blogs lately with Kale chips. It’s made me curious. I would love to win and begin trying them. I’m sure I’d love them!

  4. Ellen

    Hmm chocolate kale chips. That’s a new one for me:)

  5. For those of you that would like to try them… BMO has a 20% OFF promotion that runs through the end of the month! Don’t miss out! Just click over to their web store.

  6. Kate

    These sound awesome! I am going to try to create my own at home – perhaps by sprinkling a little chocolate protein powder on my kale chips before I bake them!

  7. karen miller

    never heard of these chips BUT would love to try them!!!

  8. Jennifer

    I’ve never tried kale chips. And in chocolate? Wow!

  9. moonsword

    Thanks for the review. I love seeds too! I must find these!

  10. nik

    I’ve heard kale chips are good but have never tried them. Thanks!

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