18 Rabbits Review + Giveaway


Patrick from 18Rabbits introduced me to their wonderful handmade vegan bars.

There are 4 awesome flavors including Cheeky Cherry Chocolate, Haute Diggity Date, Nibble a Sultana, and Funky Figs and Cherries.

I really like it when companies come up with their original and unique names for their own products. It really puts a sense of unique and difference from other products out there.

These bars are pretty dense and kept me full (eaten as a mid-morning snack!) until lunch time. (Note: 1/2 of the bar was enough for me as a snack!).

I don’t usually go for coconuty-things because I don’t enjoy coconut (Don’t hate me please!). BUT the flavor of the coconut did not overshadow other flavors such as chocolate or nuts or fruits.

You could have a chance to try Cheeky Cherry Chocolate! Patrick was so nice to send me additional bars of that flavor so I want to share them with you!!!

1. Please leave a comment below telling me WHICH ingredient you love the most in any kind of bars. Which flavor/texture do you enjoy and look for in a bar?

2. Link back to this post if you have a blog to get extra points.

3. Twitter about this contest!

This giveaway ends next Thursday, October 8th!

84 responses to “18 Rabbits Review + Giveaway

  1. Tracy

    I love the coconut..The sweetness just grabs me and makes me feel like I am in a tropical place. I bet the coconuts 18 rabbits taste wonderful

  2. Tiffany

    Wow, those sound awesome! I love when figs are incorporated into bars because they give it such a nice sweetness! I also like chewy bars rather than crunchy bars. yum!

  3. I love soft and chewy, and for an ingredient I like little bits of nut like cashews

  4. balancejoyanddelicias

    I love chocolates in bars!😀 other than that, almonds, pop seeds are my favorites too.

  5. sue

    these look like they’d be yummy…i like dense bars with big chunks of the ingredients.

  6. Gina

    I love fudgy, dense bars. I’m not into chewing, more as into savoring the taste and letting the bar melt in my mouth! So any bar made with dates, figs, and cacao are good in my belly!

  7. ohh my fav is actually the fruitier bars…so cherry or apple are the best that I’ve found right now. I am also quite happy when they have all ingredients that I can pronounce.

  8. Laura E

    I once had the Trail Mix Pure Bar and it had cocao nibs in it. It gave the bar an excellent crunch and I really wish I could find them again! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. ohh, my favorite bars are usually nutty and chocolaty:) yum.

  10. Yasmin

    I love any type of nuts especially walnuts. Yummy! I almost bought one of these but changed my mind last minute and stuck with my Luna bars. Still want to though.

  11. i love almonds and chocolate in bars!

  12. traynharder23

    i love almonds in bars, and i love the flavor of chocolate and coconut (raw revolution bars) and also spices like ginger. i’m more of a nice breakable bar but not too sticky like those fiber one bars

  13. Kate

    I love dates in bars!

  14. Kelsey

    im a fan of the soft, chewy bars. and i love them to include oats, seeds, and fruit!

  15. JW

    I’m both a crunchy and chewy fan. I like any bar with chocolate or peanut butter and dried fruits.

  16. JW

    I tweeted: butterjessfly Check it out! http://bit.ly/8Q6Oo

  17. oh wow, these sound delicious!! i love figs and dried tart cherries… and dates, nuts… i know appreciate those with simple ingredients and robust flavors:)

  18. Keegan

    I love the combo of crunchy and chewy. Makes me feel fuller after eating a bar if I feel like effort went in. I love bars with almonds and dates!

  19. i love figs and dates. such a wonderful taste and texture!

  20. Renee

    I love basically anything with toasted nuts or seeds. I’m a big fan of crunchy/chewy bars.

  21. Autumn B.

    i love any bar that has flax seed in it!! yum yum!

    autumn398 @ yahoo.com

  22. Annie

    Yumm these sound good… I like bars that I can break into pieces but are still crunchy, with big chunks of nuts or fruit (almonds especially)

  23. Love the sound of these bars! I really look for WHOLE almonds when I am buying bars, and a hint of coconut doesn’t hurt either:)

  24. Ellen

    dates, nuts, chocolate, etc. are all winners for me! i’m not a fan of citrus bars, but pretty much anything else is just fine:)

  25. Grace

    I actually gravitate towards bars that have coconut in it… I do love all things coconut. Texture wise, I like something chewy and dense. Generally, I don’t go for bars that are rock hard.

  26. lilveggiepatch

    Great question! I’m a stickler for the perfect taste/texture combination. Cherry + dark chocolate is a winner!

  27. lilveggiepatch

    Linking you in my next post…

  28. lilveggiepatch

    Tweet tweet!

  29. I love the figs and dates in the bars! I love any kind of natural ingredient!

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  31. These sound great- I love dense bars. No time for airy-fairy stuff! I never used to like coconut much, but recently have LOVED bars with slight coconutty hints to them:)

  32. Joy

    I love figs in bars (but don’t like figs otherwise for some reason)

  33. Those bars sound awesome! I actually love coconut in bars:)

  34. i love the names of these!!
    i love raw fruit and nuts in bars and a simple list of ingredients! and it has to fill me up-at least a bit!

  35. ikkinlala

    If I have to pick just one ingredient, I think it’s dried apricots. I like chewy bars a lot better than crunchy or cakey (although I do like crunchy nuts within a chewy bar).

  36. mindy

    nuts i love any thing with nuts, so i guess i would like things crunchy

  37. maren

    i love when figs are in bars because i love figs but rarely buy them since theyre fairly expensive.. delicious though!

  38. Love any bars with nuts! (TWSS, duh)

  39. Lynne

    My favorite ingredients are dark chocolate and raspberry.

  40. Heather S

    I like bars that have big pieces of fruit and nuts and chocolate..lol

  41. Allison R.

    Any bar that has lots of dried fruit and nuts is a winner in my book!

  42. nadia

    I love the bit of texture that seeds add to a bar!

  43. i love that the purple one “diggity date” has oats and dates! sounds delish!

  44. Any kind of bar with chocolate is awesome. Or dates. Chewy and sweet!

  45. And I am posting to my blog in the morning with a linkback to your giveaway:)

  46. nikislosingit

    Love the fun names of these 18 Rabbits bars! Cute and creative!

    Nuts! Love those nuts! And coconut is a hit with me too!

    About to post with a link to your giveaway!

  47. Carol

    I like Oatmeal in a bar, and I look for Chocolate and a crunchy texture.

  48. I love dates in my bars! And dark chocolate doesn’t hurt, either.😉

  49. I love a cookie, crumbly texture in a bar. I would rather eat something thats chewy/cakey instead of crunchy.

    My favorite flavors are the combo between dark chocolate and chewy dried cranberries or cherries. yum!

  50. littlemissminny

    I like pieces of nuts, specially peanuts and cashews.

  51. I’m a huge dried pineapple fan. and coconut, and dark chocolate, I’m not a fan of anything too sweet though…

    gemini5757 at hotmail.com

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  53. I think the cherry choc. bar looks fabulous! Thanks, girl!!❤ jess

  54. Aik

    I love chocolate flavored bars! They must be crunchy and yummy, and full of chocolate!

  55. Aik

    I tweeted.

  56. pishnook

    I love banana, coconut, dark chocolate…I tend to choose the most unusual flavour on the shelf, though, rather than the ones I feel I can get anywhere!

  57. Janette

    I usually go for bars with dried fruit and/or nuts. I like a bar that’s chewy, but not chewy, with a little crunch

  58. alain

    I always look for almonds in my bars! Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it keeps me fuller longer. It also adds to the texture that I like, which is soft, but with crunchy pieces to give it a good mix.

  59. I would love to try the funky fig with cherries, sounds delicious. Any bar with coconut in is something I’d want to try too.

  60. These sound yummy! I love the sound of all of these, but I would love to try the dairy free ones. Dairy issues run amuck in my house. It would be wonderful to have something that wouldn’t upset stomachs. And that chocolate cherry bar looks yummy too!

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  62. I love all things cherry! And I love bars! Great snacks on the go (or not!).

    The Funky Figs and Cherries bar looks phenomenal!

  63. Sandra K321

    I like figs and I think the figs and cherry would be a good combination.

  64. Lee P.

    I’d love to try the Cheeky Cherry Chocolate because I have a sweet tooth. I really like chewy things covered in chocolate. Thank you for this delicious giveaway.

  65. I love coconut and I love chocolate!!

  66. I ReTweeted the contest

  67. I like nutty dense bars that look and taste healthy. I retweeted the contest.

  68. Kate

    I love chewy bars and chocolate is almost always a must!

  69. I like bars that use dates as a main ingredient. I love how sweet they are.

  70. Kelly Ann T.

    I like chewy bars best. Almonds, are my favorite nuts and you cannot go wrong with chocolate.

  71. Rhonda G

    I am a nut lover, and any kind of grain. Add some cranberries and dark chocolate, and I just can’t stop.

  72. I LOVE coconut. If there is coconut in anything I’m sold on it. Oh and a little chocolate in a bar never hurts!

  73. Laura

    The best ingredient in anything has to be chocolate! I enjoy chewy textures, with subtle hints of things I actually know what they are!

  74. Laura T

    I love oats, seeds and peanut butter in bars with a chewy texture. I love bars that you can readily identify the ingredients. These 18 Rabbit bars look super!

  75. These sound really good. I like cranberries the most in a bar and look for a chewy texture.

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