First of all, I AM SO SORRY for being MIA for the past week. My computer was giving me a hard time and so I just took a LOOOONG break. I hope you guys don’t mind. ='(
I might not be able to post regularly due to this problem. I am looking for a new laptop so hopefully I’ll get back to my regular posting schedule! I have so many NEW and WONDERFUL giveaways + reviews for you guys. I can’t wait😉

Today’s review goes to SOLIXIR! Sorry, Scott for such late review post!


Solixir’s beverages are sparkling botanical drinks. They are refreshing with a touch of fruit sweetness. There are NO artificial flavors or any funky ingredients.

Although we should never “judge book by its cover” I always tend to look at products’ design. And, voila, Solixir’s design is SO unique and eye-catchy (at least in my eyes!). I love how each bottle comes with words such as “awaken”, “restore”, or “relax”. It does really make me feel GOOD drinking them.

Three flavors include Orange Mate, Pomegranate Ginger, and Blackberry Chamomile. My favorite was Pomegranate Ginger. This one includes ginger, elderberry, dandelion root, and elderflower. It was great having this in the morning along with my Green Monster.

I definitely felt like I was “restored” after a long night of volunteering at the school.

What are your favorite “healthy” beverages?

15 responses to “Solixir

  1. I know isnt this stuff so delicious? I LOVE IT!!! Glad someone else got to try it and loved it too.

  2. Meg

    Never heard of this stuf! Looks great though:)

    Welcome back! Hope your laptop doesn’t act up anymore!!


  3. peanutbutterandjenny

    i am totally down for anything that can help me relax.. especially when it’s pomegranate flavored:)

  4. My all time favorite drink is Kombucha!!! Yum yum!

    Can’t wait for your awaited posts😀

  5. lilveggiepatch

    Sorry about your computer problems. That’s so frustrating!

    I LOVE coconut water!

  6. Don’t worry about! We all get computer issues.

    Cool product!❤ jess

  7. good old h20 with lemon and ice!!!

  8. That’s the first time I’ve seen this, and it looks so cool!
    Fav healthy drink: coffee! Hey, coffee can be healthy!:-)

  9. this stuff looks amazing! great review!

  10. Thanks for the great review!! I really do appreciate it.

  11. Nothing beats cold brita filtered water.

  12. No worries about the radio silence:) Hope your computer problems are fixed soon! I’m a big green tea drinker. I can drink that stuff all day long!

  13. I heard about solixir a couple weeks ago but can’t seem to find it anywhere. There is also this drink called skinny water, it tastes good and has 0 cabs, 0 sugar, and 0 cals! I tried the goji fruit punch

  14. Check out my cantelope slushy! Last night, I had blended watermelon with sparkling lime juice…

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