SunShine Burger Coupon Giveaway

Sunshine Burgers are vegan, organic, and contain NO artificial or unrecognized ingredients. I fell in love with them! They are full of wonderful veggies and you could actually SEE them! They were not greasy at all and fit perfectly inside a wrap, between breads, OR on top of my daily greens. I personally liked them on salads with a squirt of lemon/orange. YUM!

You could have a chance to try this wonderful product!

1. Leave a comment below letting me know your fav. frozen meal company or product.
2. Link back or twitter to get extra points.
3. This giveaway ends on July 11th of 2009.


HAPPY JULY 4th, everyone!

63 responses to “SunShine Burger Coupon Giveaway

  1. D

    my favorite frozen meal is Amy’s vegetable korma (though I’d settle for the veggie loaf, mattar tofu, or any of the rice bowls…)

  2. I love steamed vegetables (the brand with the green giant on the front. Is it called green giant?) pre-frozen.

    But, I do love my boca burgers, too!

  3. I would have to say the Garden Herb Sunshine Burger is my favorite! So yummy!

  4. JW

    My favorite are boca burgers, but I would love to try these sunshine burgers!

  5. Ellen

    these sound great! i’m always looking for soy free vegan frozen convenience foods (there aren’t many!). amy’s roasted vegetable pizza is a favorite too!

  6. My favorite meal frozen food company is Kashi! I love all of their meals!

  7. Keegan

    I haven’t given Sunshine burgers a try yet, but they do sound good. I’m a big fan of Amy’s!

  8. Kashi Mayan Harvest is a really yummy frozen meal.

  9. lilveggiepatch

    I love Kashi and Amy’s frozen meals. Morningstar Farms are my favorite “burger” brands… I’ve never tried Sunshine!

  10. all i can say is that if kashi’s chefs would offer a cooking class, i would be the first one on the sign up sheet!

  11. Actually, my favorite frozen meal product is Sunshine burgers:). A second favorite is Amy’s though–they have a great yummy variety! Happy 4th, JungHwa!

  12. oh lala on the giveaways! I sure hope I draw you in one of mine soon to return the favor for your generosity.

    let’s see my favorite frozen…hmm you know I like Boca burgers…I like Heart Thrive which I freeze..ohh but Amys burritos wow. There are some other new brands out there in the frozen aisle but since it’s summer i haven’t tried them

  13. TeriLyn

    Oooh, I’ve wanted to try Sunshine burgers for so long but can’t find them where I live!

    I really like The Gardenburger Sundried Tomato Basil frozen veggie burgers. Yum!

  14. My favorite brand is Kashi! I love their chicken pomodoro (sp?).
    Thanks!❤ jess

  15. Amy’s Tamale Pie is my favorite frozen product… that is if you don’t count ice cream!😀

  16. Kristen

    I loveeee the Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake, it tastes like homemade and has so many different flavors and textures going on.

  17. I love the Amy’s Bistro burgers! I’ve never tried sunshine burgers, but I’ve heard so many good things😀

    I linked back here:

  18. broccolihut

    While I love Sunshine burgers, I also really enjoy the frozen meals by Helen’s Kitchen. I saw them on the Today show last summer, and they’ve quickly become a favorite!

  19. Yummy! I love Trader Joe’s Meatless Meatballs.

  20. I linked back from my blog:
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  21. Kimberly

    I have to say that my frozen meal is Sunshine burgers. These are amazing! :) I love them on gluten-free buns, plain or on salads. :)

  22. Kimberly

    Just sent out a tweet re: the giveaway, too!:)

  23. Laura E

    I love everything I’ve tried from Amy’s Kitchen so far! My favorite is the Vegetable Lasagna. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  24. MT

    Our favorite frozen “meal” is the Bell & Evans frozen gluten free chicken tenders.

  25. Evan Thomas

    My favorite is probably morningstar. i just love their burgers! But of course I’m always up for trying new ones out

  26. Caitlin

    I love Amy’s and Morningstar Farms makes my favorite burgers, but I’d love to try SunShine Burgers!

  27. Tra


  28. marie

    My favorite frozen food company is Kashi. They have the absolute best frozen pizzas.

  29. Lynzie

    Amy’s veggie loaf… hands down:)

  30. I linked to the contest on Twitter using my HHVeganos account ( I am one half of Hungry Hungry Veganos – )

  31. Being a new vegan, I haven’t been too successful in finding a “good” vegan burger. The closest I’ve gotten was, if not purchased at a restaurant, Morningstar Vegan.

  32. I’ve never tried these! I’m a big fan of Amy’s burritos they save me during the school year when I don’t have time to pack a lunch.

  33. I’ve never tried sunshine burgers!! thanks for the great giveaway! my fav. frozen product is morningstar veggie burgers!

  34. julie

    I lovee Dr.Praegers California burgers!

  35. Hmmm, I’m not sure if I can pick a favorite frozen meal company or product since my experience with these are limited. I will say that I like boca burgers!

  36. My fav veg frozen meal company has to be Amy’s. Even the ‘must have meat’ hubby & son love the burgers and burritos.

  37. i love the morningstar black bean burgers, but I haven’t tried a lot of other ones. I’ve been wanting to try these sunshine burgers, though! i’ve heard so many great things about them.

  38. i haven’t seen sunshine burgers, i’ll have to look out for them! i’d probably say amy’s or kashi for my fav froz foods:)

  39. My favorite frozen brand is Morningstar Farms! I love the Mushrooms Lover burger!

  40. krittie

    I Love the Boca Brushetta Burgers along with the Asain Morningstar patties!

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  42. I’m a HUGE fan of kashi frozen meals, they have this black bean mango one that is AMAZING!!

  43. Kate

    I like any kind of boca burger – but lately I’m loving the new provolone and mushroom burger!

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  45. krittie

    Just wanted to let you know that I linked back to your contest today!

  46. Courtney

    My fav frozen meal company is Amy’s organics. I love their burritos, pizzas, and everything else. Also, I actually just tried Sunshine burgers last week and they are so great. I like to chop them up on top of a spinach salad with fresh salsa. YUMMMMMM

  47. My fave frozen faux meat product is definitely Morningstar’s riblets – they taste just like summer should!

  48. I love Morningstar although I’m trying to go a bit more natural!

  49. What a great giveaway. I don’t usually eat any frozen meals but have tried the sunshine burgers before and love them!

  50. Laura T

    One of my favorite’s in the frozen section is all the Food For Life Baking Co. with all their sprouted breads (Ezekiel 4:9), english muffins and wraps.

  51. yum! those look good! my favorite frozen meal is amys tamale pie and also amys gluten free pizza! thanks!

  52. Meg

    My fave frozen meals are from either Kashi or Amy’s!

    Linking back in my next post:)


  53. I love all of Amy’s frozen meals, especially the teriyaki bowls!

  54. Fav is Kashi’s frozen entrees! I have not yet tried this burgers, though…they just might be my top choice! hee hee…fingers crossed!
    Oh, and I’ll be twittering!:-)

  55. I haven’t eaten them in a while but in my area, I can get Boca products. I’ve enjoyed their frozen burgers and other products during the last part of my 100+ pound weight loss, when I transitioned to a vegetarian. When I’ve eaten them, I’ve loved them on top of my salads or in a wrap.:-)

  56. I tweeted for extra points!

    Here’s my tweet: RawJuiceGirl Sunshine Burger Coupon Giveaway – – at An Apple a Day blog!!

    Account link:

  57. Hi there! If you do end up putting a link to my Holey Donuts giveaway that would be fabulous! I’d be happy to do the same for your blog in my next posting:)

    I’m glad I found your blog – you have lots of yummy giveaways! Love it!

  58. SweetKaroline

    favorite frozen ‘meal’ is probably kashi waffles

    waffles count as a meal right? haha

  59. Carmen Moore

    We can’t get Sunshine Burgers here in Fairbanks, Alaska. Wish we could because I definitely want to try them. I wonder if there is a way to combine the ingredients and make them myself.

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