PURE – WildBlueberry Bar

As you guys probably have noticed, I’ve been converted into PUREbar lover. They are amazingly YUMMY! I just cannot explain or describe these heavenly bars with just words.

Here are my favorite things about PURE bars:
2. 100% RAW + Vegan
3. Short & sweet ingredient list
4. Chunks of nuts (lovin that crunch-crunch!)
5. Full of protein
6. Perfect & healthy<3

I really like all the flavors but one of my readers has asked me which one was my favorite. If I have to choose then:
1. ChocolateBrownie
2. AppleCinnamon
3. ChocChip Trailmix
4. CranberryOrange
5. CherryCashew
6. WildBlueberry

They are absolutely ALL yummylicious. I’m kind of hoping for Pomegranate or Goji in their future PURE bars. That would be awesome!

Give Me Some Chobani!


Ok. To tell you guys the truth, I was hesitant to try the flavored Chobani 0% greek yogurt. Actually I try to stay away from anything flavored because I like to add my own flavaaaa to plain stuff. BUT one spoonful of this got me hooked! I’m serious. All of you guys probably know this already since I’ve seen Chobani all over blogsphere but WOW, they’re amazing.

The first flavor I tried was PEACH. It was so good. There were fruits at the bottom that added nice sweetness to tangy greek yogurt.

I cannot wait to try the other flavors!! What’s your favorite Chobani?


I’ve received couple more EXCITING products to try in the mail yesterday and today. So expect A LOT of product reviews in the next few days ;]

Here is the preview of future posts:

1. Photobucket

2. Photobucket

3. Photobucket

4. Photobucket

😉 I hope my posts aren’t boring any of you guys. I wish I had better writing skill (or some sense of humor) but sadly I don’t ><; I really need to improve my English writing skill. I read a lot and I thought that would help me improve but I guess writing is more about practice. Eeek.

Here’s something that might excite you guys though. ChocolateCoveredKatie is having a giveaway! I love Lara’s Jocalat bars although the only flavor I could find is Jocalat Mint.

Coincidentally, my next post is going to be about Jocalat Mint. Stay tuned for my another review~

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